Can a Honolulu Chiropractor Help Ear Infections?

Otitis media (Om) which is also referred to as ear infection is an illness which is experienced by many mostly during childhood. This does not have to be the case as there are many natural remedies. One of the commonly used natural remedies is Chiropractic care which has proved to be very effective. According to recent research carried out based on entirely what chiropractors in Honolulu see clinically in practice.

According to world organization report (WHO) of the year, 2004 1% of children are usually affected by chronic otitis media in most developed countries likes of USA, Uk, Denmark and Finland and the disease is more severe to less developed populations going up to 45% likes of Australian aboriginals and Alaska.

This infection affects children in the age bracket of 2 years to 6 years. If this disorder is not diagnosed and treated in childhood, it may persist well into early and middle adulthood. The signs and symptoms of this illness are discomfort and pains in the ear, fever, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, fluid draining, and crying.

Here are some signs that parents in Honolulu should look for to see if their kids have an ear infection.

  • Ringing or popping in the ear
  • Pressure buildup-The children are unable to communicate, and they often rub their ears to deal with the uncomfortable feeling.
  • If the kid has difficulties in earing
  • Dizziness, balance problem, and incoordination

This problem although it is not that serious in most countries there are 164 million cases reported in which close to 30000 dies worldwide.

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