Chiropractic Testimonials

Success stories are the heart and soul of our practice. They are the fruits of our efforts and our final valuable product. The following are a few examples of successes we helped create. We encourage you to read these stories and either contact us to see what successes we can help you attain or if you are already a patient then please refer those who you love so that we can help them. Everyone can benefit from getting adjusted regularly!

"Great and friendly staff. The new location has a much more open lobby area. Shaun is great!"

- Markham R.

"My husband & I have been with Dr. Shaun for a few years now. We love the personal attention he gives us when we come in. He gets the kinks & knots out of my shoulders like a champ. I always leave his office feeling great. It’s never a rush job when he adjusts us. If he wasn’t good I wouldn’t recommend you try him out. Dr. Shaun is awesome. Need a chiropractor to give him a try."

- Dale M.

"Mahalo Dr. Shaun- you know your business!
Last week Dr. Shaun gave me exercises to do to help as I decorate cakes and do a lot of computer work. What a difference one week does. I so appreciate doctors who don’t just medicate you but give you ways to improve the way you do life."

- Colleen P.

"All I can say is, TLC. Great staff and very thorough…
I recommend my friends and family for sure! I felt instantly better and could breathe better."

- Angela D.

"When I came in a year ago I could not use my hands and I had tendinitis in both elbows. I had tried physical therapy and had 2 rounds of cortisone injections in my elbows resulting in little relief. I began to feel better after only 2 or three visits and after my treatment plan is fully functional in my arms and hands. I appreciate that the doctor looks at the whole person and encourages a proper diet and recommends specific exercises to speed recovery. Thank you!”

- Anonymous

“My son has always been constipated. I started getting him adjusted because of a back injury and in 2 adjustments he started having regular bowel movements. My son yelled from the bathroom that he was having diarrhea but he had never just experienced a regular bowel movement. Chiropractic is amazing!”

- Anonymous

“I want to say thank you. My pain was the worst I have ever had in my 42 years of life. You were the only Doctor willing to see me. I thank you and Moab. I thank you because you understand when a patient is in need of immediate relief. God bless you all….”

- Anonymous

“My grandson has shown a big difference since coming in for his chiropractic appointments. He is not as hyper as he used to be. He listens and takes directions much better than he has in the past. He focuses more, does better with reading, and completes other tasks that he is asked. I think that these chiropractic sessions have done him a world of good.”

- Anonymous

“As a rock climber, I simply assumed that my left shoulder would always give me problems following a rotator cuff surgery 10 years ago. See the Chiropractor, however, has resulted in a fascinating transition in both shoulders. For the first time in my climbing history’s was able to gaston (Gaston: A climbing grip using one hand with the thumb down and elbow out, often thought of as a reverse side pull. The grip maintains friction against a hold) and support that gaston with shoulder strength into the next move. I’m glad I’ve learned the benefits of chiropractic care while I’m still young and highly active.”

- Anonymous



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