Is Chiropractic in Honolulu Safe for Kids?

Infants and children in Honolulu should only be put to chiropractic care when clinically indicated; according to doctors of chiropractic (DCs). It’s normal that parents will want their children to grow up enjoying benefits of chiropractic care. This treatment believes in the importance of maintaining proper spinal alignment which in turn prevents damage to your body and maintains good health. Most adults have seen and enjoyed benefits of this treatment, but when DCs encourage them to bring their children for this treatment, they tend to doubt whether it is safe or not. But is it safe? Let’s see what evidence say about this form of treatment.

An Evidence-Based Approach: You don’t have to simply assert that chiropractic care is safe for children when you can do some simple search of the literature to gather more evidence. When you go to your search engine, PubMed and enter the search terms, you will be able to see 24 results.

Objective: The study was carried out to review the literature of Adverse events in children and infants treated by chiropractors and other therapists. What this study aimed at was to identify the treatment type and preexisting pathologies.

Method: According to this case, English-language, peer-reviewed journals and non-peer-reviewed were systematically searched from searchable bibliographic database through March 2014. Articles that didn’t refer to children were not included.

Conclusion: It is important to understand that cases of serious adverse events in children who receive osteopathic, chiropractic, physiotherapy or manual medical treatment are quite rare. There has never been any death recorded in to date. Since most cases were linked to underlying preexisting pathology, the only viable way to reduce these events across all manual therapy professions would be to perform thorough history and examination to get rid of any anomalies before using any manual therapy.

What does this mean to you?

Previously, there was no evidence supporting the safety of chiropractic treatment for children. Health professionals have further warned parents against subjecting their children to this care. However, chiropractors in Honolulu have played their role and tried to educate parents on this form of treatment and how safe it is to their children. It is clear that the application of this treatment will differ depending on the case of a patient. It is absolutely safe for children who have neck, spine and back dysfunction.

The recent systematic review seem to prove that the side effects that occur in children in response to the treatment is very low. So DCs can refer to the data and address critics and skeptics who still don’t believe in the safety of chiropractic. And now they don’t have to refer to their personal beliefs but to proven facts. Parents who still express concerns should look at the well-stated conclusion of this review.

Parents need to understand that chiropractic treatments for children are gentle and specialized. Doctors of chiropractic in Honolulu will normally check the child’s condition through a number of tests and ask questions where necessary. Just like in adults, the treatments are painless and don’t need any surgery or medications. They will usually require a few sessions before the normal functions are restored.

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