How Honolulu Chiropractors Can Help Athletes

There is a common belief that chiropractor’s patients and clients are athletes only. This statement is incorrect as chiropractic treatment is both available and significant to every person regardless of their fitness level, profession or age. Another common conclusion made by people regarding chiropractic treatment is that those that receive it have neck or back problems. In as much as studies and research have proven this to be true, there is also proof that most of the people who visit chiropractors in Honolulu do so to get treatment for muscular-skeletal related problems.

Below are five ways chiropractic care benefits both athletes and non-athletes:

1. Undo the punishment that the body receives when exercising or participating in a sporting activity.

Numerous known world sports icons and personalities have sought the services of chiropractic expert sometimes. In fact, most of them have chiropractic doctors that they visit from time to time to get their bodies checked. Examples of the above mentioned known sporting personalities and actors include; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dan O’Brien, Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong. These are people that have been taking part in body exercises and fitness. It is common knowledge that workouts and sports activities benefit one’s body. As a result of these events, the body tends to experience fatigue. On regular occasions, this fatigue affects the nervous system which is attacked by irritations. If not well addressed, the irritations may lead to one being uncomfortable with their bodies. This is the point whereby chiropractic comes into the scene. Chiropractic care in Honolulu helps in adjusting the nervous system and the skeleton muscle. According to an Executive Board Member of the International Chiropractic Association Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science, Dr. Jay Lipoff, not only sportsmen and women need chiropractic care, but everyone does.

2. Various sports injuries are treatable via chiropractic care

Some injuries can suffer from when participating in sports such as hockey, football, and wrestling. These are sports that are considered as high-impact sports as they involve numerous body impacts between the participants. Some of these impacts tend to result in misalignment of the skeleton muscles, and chiropractic care fixes this by adjusting them to where they ought to be. There are also low-impact sports that do not involve much body impact and contact and examples are bowlers, tennis players, and golfers. These athletes to need to visit a chiropractor from time to time to have their ailments and fatigues taken care of.

Similarly, four widespread ailments are associated with both high and low-impact sports that chiropractic care heals or presents and they are;

Injury prevention: Studies carried out in Australia claimed that fewer leg injuries were experienced by footballers who take chiropractic care.

Headaches: This is the most common ailment in all athletes. A date with a chiropractor will ensure you are relieved from head pains.

Ankle injuries: Better ankle function is guaranteed after injury thanks to chiropractic care.

Shoulder pain: Some forms of shoulders’ pains can be avoided if one gets them adjusted from time to time by a chiropractor.

3. Chiropractor care is a treatment that involves no drugs

As ascertained earlier in this article, chiropractic care involves the physical care of the body. No medicine is used in this form of treatment. Studies that have been carried out prove that this is the healthiest form of treatment as it does not add unwanted components into one’s body as painkillers tend to do. The studies have also proven that athletes’ injuries and aches are easily treated and done away with without the need for medication. Different chiropractors perform different forms of treatments on their clientele. However, there are four often used methods, and they are:

Break down of scar tissue by the use of stainless steel tools in a technique known as the Graston Technique.

Affected joint motion in various ranges through combining of stretching and massaging in a method known as Active Release.

Electric caused contractions to release tension, and this method is known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Stimulation of muscles by focusing deep trigger points on them and this is known as Functional dry needling.

Similarly, it is imperative to note that some of the athletes that go for chiropractic care to improve their performance. This treatment does a beautiful job of relaxing one’s body thus enhancing performance as previously stated and an excellent example of a sportsman does such is Tom Brady of New England Patriots.

4. Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention

Under all circumstances, a chiropractor in Honolulu should always ensure that he or she has the full package plan for his or her clients. Treatment should be efficient, and there should be a program that is all-inclusive regarding the athlete being able to avoid injuries in whatever sporting activity they participate in. When evaluating the athlete, some crucial tests, examinations, and considerations need to be performed. These tests will play a vital role in ensuring that the athletes act in the best way possible. Research on a Canadian team of sixteen female long-distance runners who were put through chiropractic care was a success as they were all able to heal quicker than usual. In addition to that, their performances were enhanced to the extent that nearly half of the group registered results that were their best.

5. To Decrease Pain

Sporting activities tend to lead to somebody pains and aches after an athlete is through with a game or event. Some of these pains tend to manifest immediately after a sporting activity or gradually over a specified period. Pain-sensitive tissues are the most affected parts are the human body. Examples of these parts are; ligaments, discs, nerves, muscles, and joints. Unusual strain and stress on tissues and these body parts tend to result in alignments that are abnormal and thus give one unbearable pain. With the numerous ways or methods of spinal manipulation available, chiropractic adjustments were found to be the most effective. Modifications carried out by a chiropractor are capable of leaving one with both short and long-term effects regarding standard body function restoration and acute low back pain reduction.

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